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Yes I can help with your computer, just don't ask me about printers. I hate printers.

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I'm a senior at Iowa State University, majoring in Software Engineering and Data Science. While finishing up my last few semesters as a part-tie semester, I plan on working full time.

Throughout my college career I have participated in Hackathons and worked on side projects with my friends as a way to keep learning outside the classroom. Those great experiences have helped me to solidify the fundamentals that college gave me, and use them to broaden my abilities as a programmer overall.


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Web Application
Discount Jira

A clone of Trello/Jira created using Django and ReactJS. Manage team projects like a pro using a tried and true kanban board.

👀 Computer Vision
Now You See Me

First Place

A hackathon project that utilized OpenCV to find pre-defined users and remove their bodies from a live camera feed. It would be coupled with a home security system to keep video of residents and maintain their privacy while capturing footage of intruders.

OpenCVFacial RecognitionReactJS
🏀 Machine Learning / Data Science
March Madness Bracket Buster

A hackathon project that was made to help with creating brackets for March Madness. The finished model had an accuracy of greater than 70% and would have won every bracket pool the team members were in that year.


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